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Your Guide Into The Confession Room

Explore the Cosmos

Navigate through the spectrums below to explore the various functions we offer and ways you can overcome your personal challenges on a mental, psychological and social level.


Confession Room

A private space where everything you discuss and share is done in a highly confidential manner through anonymity, and where your discussions are focused on discussing the challenge you face and how to manage or overcome it in a casual manner. A chatting room like no other!


Virtual Therapy

Bringing to you a unique experience straight to your device, where therapy with a professional takes a new turn in delivering the best results. 

Unique functions for communicating and expressing various emotions or strategies shall be provided to have the psychologist or patient deliver the needed help required for improving your mental state. 


The Universe

Our unique newsfeed page is a state of the art space, designed to create an exhilarating experience while browsing through the VC community. 

You shall be exploring what countless others are discussing or sharing, whilst absorbing huge inflow of information that you may receive through the novel features for browsing that this page shall feature.


Virtual Salon

Get to meet the most prominent professionals, gurus, therapists and coaches in their respective fields, as they debate amongst themselves about pivotal issues or challenges that is impacting our mental health. 


Watch and contribute to these rich discussions, in order to share your own experiences and gain the feedback directly from these professionals during live sessions.  



Bringing to you a search engine consisting of the best and latest information and knowledge there is within the fields of psychology, mental health, wellness and personal development.


The design and functionality of our search engine is innovative in the manner of how it looks, how accessible it is to the vast ocean of knowledge provided and how beneficial it can be to get the best intel there is pertaining to the specific requests you search for.  


Virtual Coach

Engage with all types of life coaches available to help guide and teach you on how to overcome various challenges, learn new skills and gain new insights on the world through their own personal lens and experiences.


At Virtual Cosmos, we are set on making your learning experiences a whole lot more interesting and practical, for the sake of your growth and development.

Our Vision

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