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Our story

The founder and developer of this platform, Khalid El-Kaissi, created this space to help others fuel focused discussions and Q&As on their behavioural conditions, societal challenges and varying difficulties with their capacity to grow and develop, at a personal or professional level.

The Cosmos was designed to help provide a safe and private outlet for the countless of others that wish to speak plainly about their problems, without having to pay anyone to hear them out, in order to seek any form of sensible development. 


The platform has a diverse team of dedicated professionals from various professions that seek to develop novel ways of establishing a social media platform for the sake of problem-solving and not for merely entertainment. What is provided here is an outlet to bring forth our problems to others and also gain help and support, whether it be casually or professionally, while also being given access to an entire world of information and knowledge that is being produced, shared or critiqued. 


The Cosmos allows you to provide your own insights without being shunned or ridiculed for your personal views and beliefs. The more you share and the higher your engagement, the higher your rating and the stronger the support you shall receive from the community.


The development of this project began since the Founder fled the war of aggression on Ukraine and realized that many of us tend to harbour dangerous, painful and negative thoughts and feelings without being able to unleash them or seek help for them in a private way. Privacy is the main component and value of this platform and we are dedicated to providing the safety of your thoughts, feelings and ideas in the Cosmos and the confidentiality of your identity from the rest of the world, in order to provide you the freedom to think, speak and act without constraints.

At Virtual, we show you the many sides you possess, by freely expressing who you are.
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